Laços de Sangue vendida como Blood Ties em Miami!

Laços de Sangue está à venda! A novela da nossa gente é apresentada sobre o título "Blood Ties" e está a ser vendida em Miami onde decorre o NATPE - Content First. Nuno Santos, director de programas já viajou para os Estados Unidos onde estará presente na feira internacional de televisão.
A novela está a ser comercializada pela TV Globo Internacional que é parceira da SIC nesta produção. De referir que a novela da nossa gente tem previstos 250 episódios.

"Blood Ties
When they were children, the two sisters are swept away by a river current. While trying to save them, their father throws himself into the river and manages to save the oldest, but dies trying to rescue the other daughter, whose body never reappears. Despite the hardship that the family suffers and the guilt that she intimately feels for having survived while her sister died, Inês is a fighter, full of determination, kindness and generosity.
When Inês and João meet, they immediately feel that they were made for one another. Despite being united by this love, the relationship is shaken when Diana, the sister who everyone thought was dead, returns to get revenge on Inês, holding her to blame for the incident and the life of poverty she was destined to lead.
“Blood Ties” is the story of dramas and conflicts in contemporary society, where love continues to have a central role in anyone‘s life. It‘s a telenovela of strong women, who against all adversity, decide to roll up their sleeves and fight for their dreams."